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Being  that each situation is different, our prices are determined by many different variables, such as the particular pest involved, the severity of the situation, and size of the structure(s).

Our annual preventative maintenenace spray is an effective, affordable way to prevent pest problems from arising.

Annual Preventative Maintenenace Spray
Rodent Control
One time treatments

Starting at $240/year.

This preventative maintenance program gets you 4 perimeter sprays quarterly from March-October. If any issues arise between the sprays we will take care of it at no extra charge.

Price varies depending on severity of issue.

This service includes a thorough inspection of crawl space and interior/exterior, blocking any access points, and trapping/baiting.

Price varies depending on severity of issue.

Carpenter Ants in particular can do a significant amout of damage to a structure or trees integrity which is why it is important to get them under control as soon as possible.

$60 & up

Ants, earwigs, fleas, hornets, spiders, termites, wasps, stored product pests, cockroaches, fabric and paper pests, and wood attacking fungi.

New construction        pre-treatments

Starting at $500

This service is for new or remodeled homes at the dried in stage. No drywall or insulation. All wood is treated with a borate preservative that inhibits mold growth while killing any wood destroying organism.

This is a child and pet friendly chemical.

Powder Post Beetle sub area treatment

Starting at $200

Like the new construction service a wood preservative with an insecticide is applied to all surfaces of wood to kill Anobiid beetles and carpenter ants. This chemical is half as toxic as table salt to humans and pets.

Our spray products are very safe and effective. They are safe to be used in homes, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. We use botanical based insectides derived from the Chrysanthemum plant.

Honey Bee Extraction

Got a swarm of honey bees where you don't want them? If they are accessible we will safely relocate them or put you in touch with someone who can.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Starting at $150

We are licensed to perform structural pest inspections for wood destroying organisms. These inspections typically need to be done when refinancing or buying a new home

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